Try a delicious and easy dessert recipe: Affogato Coffee and Ice Cream!

Try a delicious and easy dessert recipe: Affogato Coffee and Ice Cream!

The perfect last minute coffee treat at the end of a meal

When you have friends over or simply need a quick sweet treat after dinner, this is the quickest dessert to make. Delicious coffee dessert made with thick vanilla ice cream, You Be the Barista coffee, grated dark chocolate, and a cheeky dash of coffee liqueur. (only if you want to). 
One of the reasons we like the Italian Affogato recipe so much is because it's so simple to prepare and you'll almost certainly have everything you need in your kitchen! It's just that easy and quick.
You might think that it'll just melt and turn into a warm coffee milkshake, but it won't! It's so great to eat the icy ice cream and then drink the warm, sweet coffee afterwards. It's like an espresso and a dessert all in one!

All you need to make an Italian Affogato is Coffee and Ice cream!

This Italian Affogato is surely the easiest dessert to impress your friends and family over. 
From 2 to 4 ingredients, make this recipe at home and serve immediately. 
List of ingredients: 
  • You Be the Barista coffee shots.
  • Ice cream of your choice (We used Vanilla Ice cream)
  • Coffee Liqueur (if you wish to)
  • Dark chocolate to grate for decoration

    What do I need to do for this delicious Affogato?

    Pour a shot of You Be the Barista Espresso Coffee Shots over 2 scoops of ice cream (vanilla, coffee, or chocolate) in a chilled glass. Serve with grated dark chocolate over top. 
    You can always come back to the recipe below as a reminder.
    Affogato Coffee and Ice Cream Recipe with You be the Barista coffee shots

    Some facts about the Italian Affogato?

    Affogato, often known as café affogato, is an Italian coffee treat. While Italians have loved it as a dessert for years, it gained popularity as a beverage in North America when Starbucks introduced Affogato-style Frappuccino blended beverages to their menu.

    What does Affogato mean?

     Affogato comes from the word "affogare" in Italian, which means "to drown". It is simply ice cream drowned in coffee. The hot coffee begins to melt the ice cream, resulting in a thick froth on top.

    Is an espresso machine required to prepare an Affogato??

    Of course no! You Be the Barista Coffee shots has been developed for this kind of dessert. It's easy yet delicious coffee just ready to pour over your ice cream, or ready to be mixed with your baking recipes, or simply to make your favourite Iced Latte! 

    When do Italians serve an Affogato?

    After lunch or dinner, Italians adore this simple coffee dessert. The quick answer is that you can do it whenever you want! This ice cream and coffee treat will warm you up on a cold winter night just as much as it will on a hot summer night!
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