All set for Yumminess with a Homemade Vietnamese Iced Coffee

All set for Yumminess with a Homemade Vietnamese Iced Coffee

How to make a traditional Vietnamese Iced Coffee? 

We know that Iced coffees are on your minds all Summer.

Your go-to cold brew coffee is always an option with ‘You Be the Barista’, it’s time today to introduce you to Vietnamese coffee, a refreshing and sweet drink, to embrace some culture.

And guess what, you only need two ingredients to make this yummy drink: your coffee extract from ‘You Be the Barista’ Box and some sweetened condensed milk! 

All you need is to prepare your Espresso Coffee with you Be the Barista, by simply mixing a shot of coffee concentrate with hot water, adjusted at your liking. Once done, pour sweetened condensed milk in a glass fill up with ice and pour over the coffee. Mix and enjoy, it can't get as easy as this! 

What do I need to make an Espresso Vietnamese Coffee?

Iced coffee from Vietnam is creamy, rich, smooth, and sweet. Oh, and there's an intense coffee flavour, with only 2 main ingredients that you can find in your pantry. 
List of ingredients: 
  • You Be the Barista Espresso coffee shots
  • Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • Whipped Cream (optional)
  • Ice & Water

    What is a good alternative to Iced Coffee?

    When we're feeling tired in the afternoon, a Vietnamese iced coffee is the ideal "pick-me-up." This famous Vietnamese Iced Coffee combines strong coffee with a splash of sweetened condensed milk, all served over ice. Our Vietnamese iced coffee recipe is easy and may be prepared in a variety of ways.

    Have fun and drink up while while the weather is still warm so you can hydrate with heaps of iced coffee!

    How to make a vietnamese iced coffee

    Some facts about the Vietnamese Coffee?

    While enjoying your refreshing Vietnamese Iced Coffee, make sure you learn some new facts about the origin of this drink, the country and the ingredients. 

    Who invented Vietnamese Coffee?

    In the world of coffee, Vietnam has a unique position. Coffee is more than a beverage in Vietnam. It is a way of life.

    Vietnam was part of French Indochina from 1887 to 1954. Almost seven decades later, there are still remnants of French colonialism. Along with the baguette and French colonial architecture, one of the numerous legacies of the French is Vietnamese coffee culture.

    A French Catholic priest brought an Arabica tree to Vietnam in 1857 and introduced coffee to the country. 

    The intense flavour of darkly roasted Robusta necessitated the addition of milk and sugar to achieve a more balanced flavour. However, because fresh milk was in short supply, the French and Vietnamese began to utilise sweetened condensed milk, which has since become synonymous with Vietnamese coffee culture.

    Why do we put Condensed Milk in Vietnamese Coffee?

    Condensed milk has a long history in Vietnam. The French were the first to adopt it in the 1860s. Condensed milk was first introduced in France.

    For many individuals, milk has long been an excellent source of nourishment, and a pleasant one at that. Condensed milk has the advantage that, although ordinary milk only lasts a few days to a month or two before deteriorating, condensed milk may last for years.
    Because condensed milk also serves as a sweetener, it is one of the most suitable coffee components available. It's a combination of dairy and sweetness. This is why Vietnamese iced coffee is so popular and distinct: the availability of a convenient component like condensed milk allows it to be made.

    Texture is also important. The texture of condensed milk is obtained by heating the milk and sugar together. It's creamy, velvety, and thick all at once, and it can improve practically any drink or dessert. With just one ingredient, Vietnamese coffee produces exceptional taste, sweetness, and texture.

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