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Barrel Aged® Single Origin Colombian Coffee

Barrel Aged® Single Origin Colombian Coffee

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Introducing our exquisite 750ml bottle Barrel Aged® Single Origin Colombian Coffee, a truly exceptional creation from You Be The Barista that sets itself apart in every way. With a meticulous selection of coffee beans and our proprietary TCB Process®, combined with a collaboration with Timboon Distillery, one of Australia's finest distillers, this aged coffee is a true masterpiece.

Our unique Barrel Aged Coffee process draws inspiration from the traditional method of barrel-aging wine. Through this process, the coffee extract undergoes a remarkable transformation, acquiring a complex and delightful mix of new and unique flavours that will tantalize your taste buds.

You Be The Barista Barrel Aged® coffee stands out as a premium product, crafted to capture and deliver exciting new flavours to elevate your coffee-tasting experience. Every sip reveals layers of rich and nuanced notes that can only be achieved through the careful aging process.

Enjoy this extraordinary coffee in various ways. Savour it neat by pouring a shot over ice, relishing the bold flavours on their own. Alternatively, add a shot of your favourite spirit to create a truly indulgent experience. You can also unleash your creativity by incorporating this exclusive Barrel Aged selection into your secret cocktail mix, imparting a distinctive twist to your signature drinks.

Please note that this exceptional Barrel Aged coffee may contain up to 3% alcohol. During the aging process in whiskey barrels, the coffee extract naturally absorbs some of the whiskey from the wood, resulting in a subtle balance of coffee, whiskey notes, and soft oak flavours. This unique combination makes our Barrel Aged coffee a truly unparalleled drink experience in its own right.

Indulge in the extraordinary with our 750ml Barrel Aged® Single Origin Colombian Coffee bottle. Experience the culmination of craftsmanship, passion, and innovation, all infused into each drop of this remarkable blend. Elevate your coffee moments with You Be The Barista's Barrel Aged coffee, where tradition meets innovation to redefine your coffee journey.

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