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You Be The Barista

1.5L Melbourne Mocha Espresso Coffee

1.5L Melbourne Mocha Espresso Coffee

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Unleash the delightful fusion of premium Colombian coffee and natural cocoa in every coffee shot (up to 60 shots per box)!

Get ready to indulge in a mocha experience like no other with our 1.5L Melbourne Mocha Espresso Coffee. Crafted from 100% Arabica single-origin Colombian coffee, roasted to perfection according to The Coffee Brewmasters' specific requirements, and blended with premium natural cocoa, this extraordinary combination will captivate your senses.

Each sip of our Melbourne Mocha Espresso Coffee unveils a flavour profile that boasts rich chocolate and nutty notes, complemented by a smooth body and a creamy finish. It's an exquisite balance that's all about indulging in the delightful essence of cocoa without overpowering sweetness. Get ready to embark on a mocha journey that will satisfy everyone.

This ready-to-use barista-style espresso coffee mocha has been meticulously developed to provide the utmost convenience in preparing your favourite hot and iced coffees, cocktails, or any coffee recipes your heart desires. Simply pour a shot (around 25ml recommended) of this delicious liquid, and let your creativity take centre stage. The possibilities are endless! Whether you prefer a classic mocha latte, a velvety mocha cappuccino, or a tempting mocha-infused cocktail, our Melbourne Mocha Espresso Coffee is the perfect companion for bringing your coffee recipes to life. For further inspiration, visit our blog, where you'll find a treasure trove of recipe ideas to elevate your coffee game.

You Be the Barista Coffee range is committed to delivering a pure and authentic experience. Free from any artificial ingredients, it ensures that every sip is a moment of indulgence. Once opened, our Melbourne Mocha Espresso Coffee can be enjoyed within 8 weeks, allowing you to savour its exceptional flavours at your own pace.

Unlock a world of coffee pleasure with our 1.5L Melbourne Mocha Espresso Coffee. Place your order now and elevate your coffee ritual to new heights. Embrace the delectable fusion of premium Colombian coffee and natural cocoa, and let your taste buds revel in the harmonious symphony of flavours that await.


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